WK 12 -Artist of the Week – Mahsa Soroudi


About the Artist

Mahsa Soroudi was born in 1981 in Iran, and is an artist and independent curator. Her aim with her art is to initiate a diverse amount of thought provoking and meaningful exhibitions. As in terms of what art mediums she works with, she is known for her photography. As in terms of education, she attended the University of Art, Tehran from 2000 to 2008.

second pic

3 pic

Formal Analysis

Mahsa Soroudi is known for her photography where she is able to capture moments that others aren’t able to do. In particular, her photographs of nature are genuinely taken. In her “Nature Cadence” collection, she uses a black and white lense where she captures an array of photographs from seeds being held, plants sprouting and seeds giving birth to life, or even as pictures of collections of succulents. You can see the amount of depth she tries to capture, hence using the black and white lense.

first pic

Content Analysis

Mahsa Soroudi is a master with her craft as she tries to symbolically tell her story and living her life as an immigrant. By looking at her past and the way she has lived her life, I can see her story and many others reflecting off her photographs (specifically looking at her “Nature’s Cadence” collection). And the way how she used nature as her theme, you can tell that she tries to embody a feeling of “togetherness” or sought-after community that she has visions of.

mahsa and glenn

Synthesis/ My Experience

I really liked studying Mahsa Soroudi and her photography. But more importantly I liked hearing her story as living life as an immigant and the ordeals and challenges she faced. I believe others should look at her works to gain more of an understanding of the struggles of immigrants and to learn of the art works and styles that are being produced across seas in the Middle East.

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