WK 8 – Art Activity – e Portfolio

Pre-Home Page

pre-theme and fonts

Pre-Home Page (Blog Post Header)

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Pre-About Information:


Now, here is the edited edition of the website:


First, I really wanted to change the sub-title of my website, to give more of an insight of not only of my blog posts of my art, but of my other hobbies and skills that are actually aimed towards one of my career goals: being involved with marketing for a motocross industry. Such industries on my wish list are joining companies such as FOX racing, Yamaha, Troy Lee Designs or really anything that get me a foot-in-the-door to the motocross universe. So, I decided to also change the theme of my website to a picture of a dirt bike rider on a KTM, as well as the font designs. I also changed the color theme to match my theme picture color to provide more flow.

I Also updated an EXPERIENCE navigation bar to provide others of my experiences and skills. This will explain why I chose such things as my sub-titles to be MOTOCROSS, MARKETING, and ART DESIGN because they represent what I do for a living, as in terms of interests, hobbies, skills and is work related.

Now I don’t have a whole lot done yet to reflect my motocross side for my hobbies or career (because currently my bike is blown up), but I’m going to be getting a bike soon for riding, and hopefully racing. But if I recieve sponsoring or notability for my marketing and/or my riding, this will help bolster my chances of success in the motocross or marketing world.

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