WK 6 – Art Activity of the Week – Sketching in the Garden (the Beach Actually)


This art activity actually turned out really fun, and also quite revealing, for me personally. First, I noticed I drew a lot better and faster than how I would typically draw in my apartment (or at least in less natural atmospheres). I really felt in tune with my hand when I was performing my sketches, as if I was more in “flow” when trying to create my quick finishes. Also, I think my 30 second sketches got me prepared to do my 5 minute sketch. Below are my 30 second sketches I finished as my “warm-up”.



Some of the objects I was trying to draw, such as sketch #5 “the Dog”, were difficult to mirror on my canvas because the object would move sometimes. This really got me trained on my eye-to-paper drawing, where I would use lighter stroke marks on my other sketches, to at least get a basic framework for my object to draw so I could at least finish a piece to look (at least) remotely similar. And when I was able to get the framework down, I was able to use more and more additional time to add in details, making the quick sketches as realistic as possible. Also, I did a blind contour drawing of my hand. This is where I had to keep my eye trained on the hand I was going to draw while moving the pencil with the other hand. This drawing technique is important to use, especially when you’re trying to draw living objects because those objects may move and people might miss important details. Personally, I was surprised to see how my hand turned out and I really liked it! I think other artists, or artists in training, should utilize these drawing techniques to become more effective artists.

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