WK 3 – Art Activity – Graffiti Writing


So I took on my graffiti writing activity through a different direction and utilized a different canvas. I used a palm tree leaf as my canvas, and wanted to display this once palm leaf as an elegant feather. I took on the direction as it being the feather that once belonged to a Phoenix, which has long since been a symbol of “rebirth from fire”. Also, it is well-known that palm leaves are a symbol of peace, which seemed appropriate to use as a form of peaceful protest. I made this piece as a form of protest against Trump and his administration, and how their new government policies and ideologies are not only contradictory of what I believe in and stand for, but are contradictory to the beliefs and stances on politics shared by a significant amount of people living in the United States. The overall finished project is emblematic of a need for change that is not only felt by me but by many others during these difficult times. “Rebirth from fire” exemplifies my desire (and many others) for change in our government policies and actions, hoping to revert back to ideas and policies that are considered to be our fundamental rights, such as affordable healthcare (healthcare that is truly affordable and available to the general public). In the end, this piece symbolizes my resentment towards American politics now, and a deep desire for change, reverting back to the way things were meant to be for us as a society.

I really loved this activity; it allowed me to engage in a form of peaceful protest. Whether it be through graffiti writing, music, poetry, etc., I feel it is important for people to stand up and voice their opinions with these different forms of art during times of collective, emotional, political, or social unrest. I’ve always felt fine and fascinated with graffiti writing before watching the documentary “Bomb It”. However, after I watched the film it inspired me to do the piece above where I felt a deep desire to show people, through the use of graffiti writing, of how I feel during these times of distress falling before us, concerning our current American politics and ideology. Now, not only do I see graffiti writing as an art but more so as a form of speech.

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