WK 1 – Art Activity – Plaster Casting

IMG_0939This is my finished project of a plaster cast that I completed on the sands of Seal Beach, Long Beach. Of course, it doesn’t represent the fist cast that I initially had planned, but it turned out to resemble some of the rock features that are present in Joshua Tree National Park. I find it ironic because Joshua Tree is one of my favorite spots to go camping and hiking, due to the vast land attributed to he area and the unique rock features they have on display. These rock features were beginning to take shape around 270 million years ago when Pangea (super continent) was still thriving. Through many years through continental and sea tectonic plates colliding with each other produced magma pockets beneath the Earth’s crust, that would rise higher and cool off  to form these rock pockets if you will. These would form as the surface of the Earth was undergoing its own erosion process, where the forces of wind and rain would scrape the surface of the Earth, a process that would sometimes take millions of years. And eventually, with these two separate forces of erosion going on above the surface of the Earth would soon expose these pockets of cooled down rock that has long-since been hidden in the crust of the Earth for all of our eyes to finally see.

Declared a national park in 1994, I’ve been going to Joshua Tree ever since I’ve moved down to Southern California. Ironically enough, while doing this art activity which was supposed to turn out to be a cast of my readied fist, I had a reminder of the Joshua Tree rock formations come to mind instead. Now I definitely know where I want to go camping soon 🙂

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